Husker Extra live chat: Brian Christopherson, 8.23.16 - Husker Extra

Husker Extra live chat: Brian Christopherson, 8.23.16

Talk all things Husker football with Brian Christopherson during his weekly live chat, every Tuesday.

    @jim: Probably something like a repeat of the Iowa performance, I'd guess. Only Riley and Lansdorf really know how long the leash is. And honestly, when to pull a struggling QB is more of something I think a coaches feel is right at the time then something you can script right now and say, "If this happens X number of times, we make a change.' I know why this topic is coming up. Because of the Armstrong picks and scrimmages in such. And that's fair. It does make one worry. But let's see how it goes when the lights come on before riding down this road too far. Tanner Lee has done well. It doesn't surprise me. He should do well going against lower units with his experience. They didn't bring him in to just be another body.
    @Calihusker: I have an idea, but we'll present the question to Mike Riley over the next week. I like to ask the HC about any possible suspensions at Big Ten Media Days, but obviously there was a lot more important stuff going on then. Certainly we'll ask specifically about Brandon Reilly and if there's a punishment there.
    With Bush transferred does Patrick Obrien not red shirt this year
    I have seen what Dinardo of the BTN has said about Nebraska from their preseason camp series. Why do you think Husker fans seem all up in arms over his statements?
    What does Nebraska have to do to not just get interest, but land those big named recruits out there? Seems like about same 10 schools get a large majority of the top 200 recruits every year. What does nu have to do to make that jump?
    So BC, Thursday night after supper I made popcorn and sat down on the sofa to watch a dvr'd BTN Live. Lured by the popcorn, my wife joined me. Gary DiNardo lowers the boom and my wife turns to me and says, "there, now aren't you glad you passed on season tickets this year?" Me; "Uh, Honey?" And then I listened to 5001 ways a woman would spend (cost of tickets + Eichorst fund). What's the unwritten impression of this team by local media?
    Is Terrell Newby really going to be better between the tackles this year? Seemed like he had a good camp last year and then looked like the same old Newby. I'm hoping to see a lot of Ozigbo. I think he is our best back from what I saw last year.
    How bad is depth along the offensive line? It seems to be a position where legs get rolled up on throughout the year. I see this being a looming concern towards the stretch run.
    @NewportRed: I've only seen Fyfe in a few practices, so I wouldn't know that. He's bulked up, which is good. It's also worth recalling he came into last season after taking some time off in the summer, so he should be more sharper physically and mentally. His performance in the Purdue game is an odd one to evaluate, because you can't hide from those four picks. Yet if you went through every play he had and charted if they were good or bad, I bet the good would far outnumber the bad. It was just that the bad was really bad. I'm not giving Fyfe a pass, but it was a strange game and certainly there many around him who didn't get it done at their position either.
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