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Husker Extra live chat: Brian Christopherson, 8.2.16

Talk all things Husker football with Brian Christopherson during his weekly chat, every Tuesday.

    @BRizzle: Davis twins, Neal, Alex Davis. Potentially an Avery Anderson, though safety has a lot of dudes in the running. If Eric Lee could crack the two deep at corner that wouldn't be bad at all, since you could then redshirt some of those younger corners. O-line, maybe a Decker or Barnett or Gaylord. More for depth purposes at this point than likely starters in Week 1, though. I probably forgot someone obvious but those names are top of mind.
    @SiliconValleyHusker: Yes it has. Very unified between AD and HC. As you'd expect since the AD hired this HC. If it weren't, then you'd have a real story.
    @Brian: I'll highlight the four that have jumped out to me: Bray, Cavanaugh, Keith Williams and Brian Stewart. Honestly, I thought Cavanaugh and Stewart had the best signees, on paper at least, of the whole class last year. Give K Williams an assist on getting Lamar Jackson, too, because he was also involved. Cavanaugh is the guy who probably doesn't get enough due in this regard. Farniok, Boe Wilson, Raridon and Brokop are a really nice haul from last class.
    @red: I'll answer it by saying a big part of how Langsdorf looks as a playcaller is going to be on how consistent the O-line play is. It makes his job easy when you're chewing up four or five yards every rush with limited minus-plays like Nebraska did against UCLA. It makes Armstrong's job easier. Langsdorf had one "what the heck?" game in my book against Illinois. I didn't get why they were throwing it that much in that weather. But some of the other setbacks, Wisconsin and Northwestern, were not easy for him due to the fact NU was running its head into a wall running the ball. And while he can't throw the ball for Armstrong but he has to keep pounding that message that you don't need a home run all the time. Singles will do. Checkdown passes raise your completion %, your passing numbers, move the chains, feed the RBs. Everyone wins.
    When do the pads come on.. Saturday?
    @TO: I always forget, but yeah, I think it's the third practice when they let them play big boy football. It always makes the first couple days a little humorous, because everyone is all fired up to go, but they're in shorts.
    BC, I really like the players we have for O-line right now. If the O line is a question mark, which many pundits have said, isn't the question more about development and getting them ready to play than the kids?
    @JimNE: It's a question mark because most of those players just haven't played a lot of college football. If a year from now, we're sitting here talking about how the line was stuck in place and those young guys are still big questions, then I think it's fair to ask about the developmental process. It's not going to be all sunshine for that group. But if there's optimism for Husker fans, I think it's that there are likely three sophomore starters, and maybe you can start to get a pattern going of getting a line that has guys who can play together two or three years while others grow behind the scenes. Recently, there's been too much mixing and matching each year, with too many examples of guys having to step in as one-year fixes.
    @JimNE: My season prediction is it's going to come down to Black Friday for Nebraska and Iowa to decide the West. The truth is, we can talk about the late-game snaffus against BYU, Wisconsin and Illinois, but you can go back and look at each of those games and find about 12-15 ways Nebraska could have changed the outcome prior to that. I think the key, and Riley has talked about this, is is not getting caught up in a "Woe is us" type of vibe, but rather look at all those games critically and say you did this to yourself. You deserve what you get if you don't do the little things right. At this point, you also can't just call the turnover issue that has plagued this team for 10 years bad luck. There's something more than luck to it at this point. What I keep wondering is what would Nebraska football look like if it just broke even in turnovers this year? In some ways, I'm surprised they've won as many games as they have losing that category as badly as they have over the years. We can talk and talk and talk, but this season will come down to two major things to me: At least keep even in turnover margin and get yourself into the Top 50 on defense on explosive plays allowed. If Nebraska does those two things, I'd favor it to win the division, honestly. But it's a big IF based off recent track record.
    For those of us who are NU football fanatics as well as volleyball season ticket holders, there is a disturbing conflict on October 29th when the 6 PM Wisconsin away game on ABC clashes with the 7 PM NU-Northwestern VB match at Devaney. As a highly influential member of the Nebraska sports media, how would you advise us to agitate to get the volleyball match changed from Saturday to Sunday? As NU has already done with one initially scheduled Saturday match - October 8th vs. Purdue - is now on Sunday, October 9th.
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