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Husker Extra live chat: Brian Christopherson, 3/7/17

Talk all things Husker football with Brian Christopherson during his weekly chat, every Tuesday.

    I'm up to chat if you're up to chat. Let's do it.
    Have you seen S coach Elliot in action? Impression?
    Technical difficulties for the moment.
    I'm super excited about where the defense is heading and the offense may be turning a corner as well. My question is do you think Nebraska can get all the pieces together to become an elite champion contender this year, or do we have to wait until next year when our schedule is the hardest I can remember in recent history???
    Pipeline, I watched Elliott for a few moments. Not enough to form a detailed description of how he works, certainly. But it is a striking scene to have the 35 year old coach on one side in Donte Williams wearing cleats and receiving gloves, and the guy who has been in the profession for 36 years on the other. I'm not saying it will work or it won't, but it should make sense to people on the surface why Riley would value that experience who doesn't have to read the introduction chapter on Diaco's defense. What probably is most valuable to Diaco is the stuff we won't see: having Elliott as a sounding board and being able to talk through things with a guy he knows that well after a practice. We'll ask Diaco about that connection tonight. He speaks to the media.
    Aaron, I think Riley said it best last week: He didn't make these hires to take a step back. And Nebraska can't afford to do so. Just because there's a new DC, this won't be viewed as a transition year in the same way Year 1 was of Riley. And the head man seems fully aware of that. As for championship contender, I think it's fair for Husker fans to feel like their team can at least win the West Division every year. I certainly wouldn't make Nebraska the favorite -- I'd give that to Wisconsin -- but I think Diaco's addition can enhance NU's chances in that regard even in this first year. I don't think it should just be assumed this defense is going to take a great leap. That must be proven. But I do think his presence provided a jolt that was really needed this offseason. And I think his resume shows there's a lot of substance behind all that enthusiasm and intensity.
    More of a rhetorical question...if the defense struggles this year, will it be due to the players not picking up the scheme adequately or will it be due to the defensive position coaches not learning the nuances of the 3-4 enough to teach it to the players. I think we may be overlooking that possibility.
    Pipeline, I think you make a fair point. If the coaches can get on the same page quickly, the thing should work. If there's a lack of chemistry there, that will probably trickle down too and the warts will be exposed by October. That's why these staff hires mean so much. That's again why Riley hiring Elliott makes so much sense. At least you start with one guy who already knows what to expect. I think, however, guys like Parrella and Bray can also embrace this change, because it's good for them to learn another scheme too. Makes them more well-rounded as coaches going forward in their profession.
    Have you formed any opinions about the Candice Wiggins interview describing her treatment in the WNBA?
    Newport Red, I linked the story you are talking about because I'm sure some won't have any idea of it. I don't have a grand opinion on it really other than thinking it's unfortunate if that was the case and I'd like to hear more sources express that opinion before just running far with it. I like to think locker rooms are full on people who boil it down to, 'This person can help us win' and don't worry about his/her personal life. But I am not naive and realize it's not that simple everywhere. Aside from her specific allegations, though, I have absolutely no clue as someone who has never covered a game in that league.

    Candice Wiggins Claims She Was Bullied For Being Straight In The WNBA

    DeadspinIn an interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune that conflates institutional frustrations with personal slights, Candice Wiggins confessed, “It wasn’t like my dreams came true in the WNBA. It was quite the opposite.” The problem, she says, was that she isn’t gay.
    What are your odd on Miles being back next year? 50/50? Worse?
    Derek, I'm the same as you. Unknowing. I'll give my opinion as someone who doesn't cover the hoops team: I'd give him another year. But ... I also don't feel strongly enough about that to get in a spirited debate with someone who thinks otherwise. That's what the last two weeks have done. They've changed the conversation. It also, I think, makes Eichorst look wise in this case for not making some bold statement a couple weeks one way or the other. Sometimes it's better to just let things play out.
    For instance, in 2014 with football, Pelini looked pretty safe heading into Wisconsin from an outsider's perspective. Then Melvin Gordon ran for 408 and the conversation shifted. As an A.D., I can see where you always need to allow yourself some wiggle room and shouldn't paint yourself in a corner necessarily while there are still games to be played.
    Also, while I think you have to say on paper Nebraska hoops has recruited better of late, I'm not someone who just nods his head to the idea that the young talent is to such a great degree to assume things are going to automatically get better next year. Nebraska is young but so are other teams. The Big Ten will be better in a year. So even if the Husker players get a little better, it doesn't guarantee a dramatic change. And yes, this staff was dealt a blow with Andrew White leaving. But he's not the first guy to have left under Miles. And that is going to make some people wonder, too.
    I've always kind of felt like with Husker hoops, though, as bad as it's been for so long, giving a guy six years seems fair. But if that is given, there is going to be a heat lamp on from that first exhibition game next season ... which isn't the greatest way to proceed as a program.
    Thanks for chatting. Sorry about the mishaps. We'll get them ironed out.
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