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Husker Extra live chat: Brian Christopherson, 2/21/17

Talk all things Husker football with Brian Christopherson during his weekly live chat, every Tuesday.

    I'm here if anyone is up for a chat.
    Come on. You don't even have to bring a hot dish.…
    How is our Defensive End situation looking?
    @HuskerScott: Well, part of the equation is figuring out who's playing what in Diaco's new scheme. I mean, I'd think guys like Carlos and Khalil Davis might be versatile enough to take reps at that those end spots, but I don't know for sure how they'll use that personnel. Alex Davis is a guy I think has promise that you really want to see climb a rung in his third year in the program now. A young guy to watch is Collin Miller. Scout-team MVP as a true frosh. Danny Langsdorf has said he was difficult to block. Then the real question is which of those hybrid outside linebackers take off and who from that group gives you some presence as a pass rusher while also having the ability to cover someone out of the backfield. There are a lot of moving parts and so many names right now that it's frankly more difficult to handicap a few of those spots than usual this time of year.
    Hi BC! W the addition of scholarship fb Miles, what kind of role will that position play in this offense? Any change? Besides blocking
    @Colby: I think this staff has a willingness to feed that fullback on occasion. And I think part of the reason they recruited Miles was they saw some Janovich in him. So I'd assume those same things you saw on the table in 2015 are still there to be used going forward. The one guy I don't want to count out either is senior Luke McNitt. He's a real versatile player. Has good hands. Was even once a QB. I think he's a guy who could get the occasional touch to throw a defense off.
    Same question about Tight end. Specifically the 2 incoming Red shirts
    @PTHUSKER: I think Tyler Hoppes is your top TE going into spring. A senior, he's sort of that bridge player into the future. He has said he wants to work on his blocking, but he could be a pass catching weapon. Then, to me it's a matter of two of those three from the trio of Snyder-Engelhaupt-Stoll stepping up. I can understand why there's worry about this position since hardly anyone has played yet. But all three of those young guys were recruits people around here were happy for NU to land. Nebraska beat out Michigan for Snyder. Beat out Texas for Stoll. And Engelhaupt was one of the true freshman last year that caught my eye as a guy who looks the part. So it's not like there isn't any talent in the cupboard there. It's just unseen at this point.
    I love knowing we will have a separate department for recruiting only. Is here a lot of other schools that have an existing department?
    @Colby: I''m not sure on all the details on this just yet. There was sort of a brief mention it in a story in the Portland Tribune by a writer who has known Riley for a long time. But I'm not completely clear on it yet. NU has had a recruiting department of sorts. I mean, I'd say Billy Devaney, Andy Vaughn, the now moved on to coaching Ryan Gunderson, and Kenny Wilhite are all just some of the well-known guys who have worked on that front. But Riley did make it sound like he wants to continue to upgrade there, which I can understand because the more bodies you have doing that, the more your coaches can focus on the coaching part of it from August to December. But I'd like to hear more about it from Riley in the weeks ahead, and I'm sure we will because we'll ask. Here's what he said in that story:

    Riley shuffles Nebraska staff in hopes of better things in 2017

    Oregon Local NewsRiley shuffles Nebraska staff in hopes of better things in 2017, Local Sports, Portland local Sports, Breaking Sports alerts for Portland city.
    Do you have any idea who the tenth assistant is going to be?
    @Kyle: Sounds like Tavita Thompson is the guy on deck for that job when it goes through. He'd be a good hire. He's already basically the 10th assistant. Now it would just be by title, and the salary would reflect that.
    You have limited time to select, Supermarket deli or fast food restaurant(Includes Subway, Quiznos, etc)?
    @Robin: Well, if my time is limited, I wanna go somewhere where they make the sandwich. I've become big on Wich Wich down by Hopcat. It's in walking distance from my desk. If it's nice outside, like it is today though, I'm walking all the way to Honest Abe's for a burger.
    I lost my internet connection when submitting so if this is a duplicate just wad it up and throw it away, please.
    I'm at a loss why Creighton is having so much more success at basketball than NU. Greg McDermott didn't exactly set the world on fire while at Iowa State, yet look at how he's doing at Creighton. Tony Barone and Tom Apke were also successful there yet when they moved on to Colorado and Texas A&M, not so much. I can't believe Creighton is that much easier to recruit to than NU or Colorado or tAm. I'm sure there's no simple answer, but what the heck is going on?
    @Benchwarmer: It is hard to answer. I guess the quickest way I could answer it on here is that winning begets winning, and Nebraska has never had the history to hang its hat on, and until just recently, was always competing in a more difficult league than Creighton. And so while it seemed like the Jays always had as good a chance as any to win the Mo Valley, the Huskers were always running uphill, looking for the right formula, while also not having a good recruiting pitch until the new arena and facilities. And, to be blunt, I think the last two coaches before Miles (even though I like Doc Sadler), didn't have what it takes to take a program playing from behind and make it an equal with other teams in the league. Does Miles have what it takes? That's a fair question that still is far from answered. As someone who has watched NU hoops closely for 30 years, though, I do think the talent is better now than it has been in many years. Now can he keep it, can it find the right connection and develop to make that big push next year? Year 6 is always a big year for hoops coaches around here. I think there's reason for NU hoops fans to have cautious optimism about it while also saying, 'Prove it to me."
    I am expecting big things in recruiting. I anticipate half the class committed before the season starts. The staff has been on this class for three years. What are 3 recruits you think the staff needs to hit on for sure?
    @lredeugene: OK, my first one is Brenden Radley-Hiles. When he was at the Friday Nights Camp, I was really blown away by his talent and his personality. The latter might not seem important, but I think he's the kind of magnet other recruits, and players, would follow. Then I start to look at guys down in Missouri. The state is loaded with talent this year. The Tigers are down. It's a good time to attack. Wide receiver Kamryn Babb is a name that comes to mind that I would think Keith WIlliams will have a good shot at. Also, down in that area, defensive tackle Trevor Trout. NU has been on him a while. Locally, a guy everyone will watch is Elkhorn South's Moses Bryant. Another playmaking talent in the state like Jaylin Bradley that has the gifts to play at this level.
    Is there much fire to the Scott Pagano smoke?
    @Robin: Right now I think it's just a keep-it-on-your-radar story until we see if/when he's visiting Lincoln. If that happens, I give Parrella and Diaco a fair shot. But Dabo Swinney's line about Pagano probably playing on the West Coast sort of sticks out.
    In the 2015 class NUSigned Lee & Anderson, dbs, from Colorado who you media guys described as the second coming of Dick Labeau and Dick "Night Train" Lane. Can't miss types. Have they gotten lost in the system?
    @Zadi: You'll have to present those links where I described them as that. :) Or close to that. I think Avery Anderson is just around the corner from being an important player for this program, by the way. We'll see on Lee. Corner competition is going to be fierce but he's got a new set of eyeballs on him now in Donte Williams. Every coach prefers a slightly different kind of guy. Like Trai Mosely, for example, I thought had some game but didn't perhaps fit exactly what Brian Stewart was looking for. you think Cavanaugh has enough help coaching the offensive linemen? Don't most programs have two o-line coaches?
    @hus1ker: There are grad assistants that work with him. And I'd say Tavita has some say in it too since the tight ends are part of the blocking scheme. Cavanaugh is the lead voice with the linemen, but not the lone one. I honestly don't see an issue with how NU has it structured, especially if Tavita is going to stick around end up being a full-time guy.
    I think the running game is a huge concern next year seeing as how the 3 returning RB's all had pretty limited rolls last year. Who do you peg as the running back that will have the most all around success next year?
    @Aaron: My guess is Tre Bryant, but I could see it being pretty equal in touches with Ozigbo. My general take is people shouldn't expect just one guy to really take over the role. I think it's going to be a trio of guys. I would agree they don't have that guy who seems like he's on another level, but I think they've got more than enough talent in that room to make the running game go if the O-line can make the running game go. There wasn't a lot of space for those guys to operate in some games last year.
    Since they are replacing the north stadium video screen, are they going to make it any bigger?
    @Colby: The latest I know is this, which might not be much help to your question.

    NU to replace Memorial Stadium video screens

    JournalStar.comThe screens illuminating Memorial Stadium and providing replays, airing advertising and giving fans access to their favorite Husker players will be replaced at the end of the football season.

    I was more under the impression they are just replacing the screens and not making them noticeably bigger
    How long before you get a good feel how the recruiting philosophy as far as types of players the new DC will try to bring in to fit his plan? To clarify, will they focus on physical characteristics before attitude or attitude before physical characteristics?
    @Robin: Not to dodge your question, but I truthfully think the right answer is you want it all. If a guy has all the physical tools but is a dunderhead and slacks off in other areas, I think you always have to weight whether his talents are so much that they override his faults. In very few cases, will you want a guy like that. It's probably hard to sometimes tell on the recruiting trail, but I think one of the biggest factors in guys succeeding at this level is if they really love football. That might sound like a dumb thing, but not everyone over there loves football. Some guys were just really good at it growing up. The guys who love it will put in that extra time to be great at it. They want to know all the details. And usually those are the guys who take their God-given talents and turn into something successful on the field in college.
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