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Husker Extra live chat: Brian Christopherson, 12.6.16

Talk all things Husker football with Brian Christopherson during his weekly chat, every Tuesday.

    would you say nebraska and the rest of the landscape has fallen off of assistant pay? the reason why is the schools offer the same competitive salary its going to to create a alot of parity as far as teams being even keeled compared to schools that offer the coaching staff the money. Those schools seem to always be in the top 3 or 4. im not talking about the top talking about the top 3 or 4..if the big schools with the most money were smart they would use the resoruces to attract the top assistants. an let the mid tier schools go back in the pack..Nebraska needs to be the big dog it once was an they need to do this
    @joey: I sort of follow, but there are also some schools out there paying big $$$ to assistants who aren't rolling along like Alabama. It's not a guarantee of success. I did like what NU did with Donte Williams. Riley clearly wanted him. They basically doubled up his salary to make sure they had him ... and they're still paying him less than they paid the last guy. I don't think Nebraska's assistant salary is lagging to any noticeable degree. They are third highest in paying assistants in the Big Ten. I guess you are suggesting they should match Ohio State or Michigan, and I understand the thinking, but you better really believe you've got the guy who is worth that.
    And I am jealous over the Phat Jack's burnt ends. They were out the one time I stopped in to eat there. :(
    @Robin: You go today? Great place for those who haven't been. I'll do free advertising because it's delicious.
    BC - I get the recruiting angle of the new hire, but is Riley dividing up the coaching duties well enough for success. I believe the talent level has to go up, but I fell like we got out coached this last year in some games. Also, my mind always kind of wondered if Les Miles was ever an option for the assistant job, with his son coming here and all?
    @RocketHusker: My guess is Miles is thinking HC or bust at this point, but that sure would've been fun. I actually think Riley is going to a more traditional model of handing out position coaching assignments. I think he was in the minority in college football in having one guy alone dedicated to special teams. His philosophy shift isn't a bad one, especially if the NCAA passes that rule for a 10th assistant, then you've got even coaching on both sides of the ball. NU is basically getting that right now anyway cause Tavita Thompson is like a full-time guy in a grad assistant's role. But he can't keep that forever so you'd like to be able to lock a guy like that up.
    In what ways does Nebraska match up well with Tennessee? In what ways do they match up poorly?
    @herbel_essences: Should be able to score on them. Everyone did the last few weeks. That defense was like swiss cheese. Maybe they'll collect themselves and figure it out, but talking to Tennessee people, that pass D is an absolute mess. The danger is for NU's defense dealing with Tennessee's skilled guys. Especially after you saw a team with limited explosive weapons like Iowa go off for big plays against the Huskers.
    How about a basketball question. How encouraged are you by the Huskers these first few games? They seem like they are better than people originally thought.
    @Fli7: I think they'll be a pain in the butt to teams, maybe even Creighton. I don't discount that Nebraska could win tomorrow. Wouldn't predict that, but I think Nebraska's resume so far suggests they're not just going to roll over. Heck, they played UCLA better than Kentucky did. That said, I also think it's a fan base sort of tired of just being happy with being a pain in the butt to teams. At some point, it has to be something more than that.
    Do you see any of the current players or recruits as a Heisman candidate?

    Even though he's Michigan I would like to see Peppers do well in the voting if not win it. His ability to change a game is impressive.
    @Robin: Tough to project that, but no, I don't think of anyone on the roster now who I see as rising to that.
    Early, but what freshmen/redshirt will have an impact next year?
    @lredeugene: I'd suggest some O-linemen -- Boe Wilson, Raridon, maybe Farinok. Maybe a tight end or two. David Engelhaupt is an impressive looking guy coming off the field. And a couple of those young TEs need to step up. One wildcard possibility is a Quayshon Alexander type, who I think has the body type to do some intriguing things with on defense. And JD Spielman. I should have put him first. I think he's got a lot of tools to be used both on offense and special teams.
    So, if Riley is apparently okay without a special teams coach now...what was the point with bringing Read in the first place?
    @Josh: Shifted his thinking. I don't mind that. It's not like he was getting a lot of bang for his buck out of it. I also pointed out in the initial story on Read that while you can applaud Riley for not being afraid to make moves with his staff, you have to acknowledge he also hired two guys he's fired in two years. thing I feel is lost in the discussion is the effect of poor (or great) QB play on the team's play. Big plays being made, having the confidence to get back into a game based on great QB play or vice versa....continued poor decisions, turnovers, injuries, etc can change the emotional meter of determination very quickly. On BOTH sides of the ball. Too many times you'll hear the argument "well we gave up 40pts and he doesn't play defense" doesn't work if an offense is regularly flopping and putting the defense in poor situations. The major factor you will notice with 4 of the 6 considered playoff teams is a stud QB. MI and Bama have overwhelming defensive talent. While harping on OL and DL is an ok argument, one can circle QB as the one thing holding NU back since Crouch. Some decent guys followed who played hard/injured and represented NU fondly. I love that about this place. But we need a stud to take the reigns and move the program up a notch. Agree?
    @Trash: Stud QB. Yes, that's an outstanding idea. Just not growing on trees is all. Look around college football and you'll see a lot of suspect QB decisions. Trust me, I'm as interested as anyone to see if next year you see a QB who goes through progressions better and makes the offense look smoother by the way he reads defenses. It might happen. I'm just saying I don't automatically assume that will happen like some do. It's a hard position to play. And the next guy is always wonderful until he plays a series then everyone asks who the guy after him is. I'll say this: I think this staff really sees great potential in Tanner Lee. POB will get his chance, too. But I do think there is a lot of hope Lee can take off in a big way. I just want to see it before contributing to the hype.
    I would hope next year, that NU would play Lee/O'Brien..intermix them if one is not moving the team, so we won't get in the pickle we have been in the last couple years if one goes down in a game, agree?
    @TO: I suppose if they're close to even that's a possibility. We'll see if they are. I'm not saying you're doing this, but I'm amazed how many big opinions there are on guys most of the fan base has barely seen. I saw a few practices in the offseason but I sure don't have big opinions on either of them at this point. It wouldn't be fair or wise for me to based off a few limited viewings from a layman.
    Mr. C: Not to beat a dead horse - I agree with you on the line problems, but it's the margins of losses that bother me. I guess a 38 to 17 or 40 to 21 loss just doesn't sting as much when you're playing a much better team (such as OSU, which had its out of character home game against Northwestern). The beat down by Iowa? I still find that hard to figure, line problems or no.
    @SteveUofN1964: Most agree with you Steve. The loss to Iowa was worse than the loss to Ohio State to me and many others for the reason you stated. It really kind of put a damper on a regular season people would be talking a lot differently about right now if Nebraska had show up and played well. It's why I never buy the 'this game doesn't matter" talk about any NU football game. Whenever NU steps on the field, including this bowl game, it shifts perception one way or the other.
    do you see the new purdue coach giving the teams in the west fits in the years to come?
    @skinniefrankie: Jeff Brohm seems like a good hire on the surface. I like Purdue just being a gunslinging team that might lose five or six, but will make you sweat through 38-34 type games. Maybe it's just because I always connect Purdue football with Joe Tiller, who at least made the Boilers interesting.
    As far as an overall ranking of Phat Jacks I'd have to try their ribs first before comparing them to other places. Especially after the ribs I had while on my firefighting assignment in Asheville, NC in November. Moes & Fatz both had excellent fall off the bone ribs. And Fatz pimento cheese stuffed hush puppies? WOW!!!
    @Robin: Sounds wonderful. I gotta go for now, but next week's chat needs to hit on must-go-to eats in Nashville. I need to start making a list, but need help from whoever has been there.
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